Plan for your future together

Start the conversations

We won’t get through every possible money topic in one conversation. Nor will we get through everything in the six conversations we have together! The goal of those conversations is to just start before the arguing or hurt feelings do. Obviously, I don’t guarantee that you won’t ever argue about money! But the more things that can be discussed ahead of time, the better you’ll be able to understand each other and talk to each other rather than at each other.

Fewer financial concerns

As I’ve said, I’m definitely not an expert at wedding planning, job stress, or exercising. But I can help you feel more confident and less stressed about your financial situation both now and after you get married.

Prevent future fights

When you’ve already discussed your financial plans and expectations, and you’ve set yourselves up to be on the same page, money won’t cause as many fights. I’m sure you’ll still fight about plenty of things, but at least money won’t cause all of them!

Applicable to your lives

Each session, you’ll walk away with relevant information. If you’ve already talked extensively about where you want to live, then we don’t need to cover that. If, on the other hand, you’re trying to figure out how much you can afford and whether renting or buying makes sense…we can dig into it!

How Coaching Works

So many things go into engagement. Wedding planning of course, but also, what is life going to look like after the wedding? Where will you live, who’s going to pay for what, what do we both actually want out of life (and how do we pay for that?!).

The primary goal of our premarital sessions is to talk through a lot of those big picture things to prevent future conflict. What are your individual and combined goals for the next few years? What about after that? How can we align your individual goals with your combined goals and financially support both? One of the most important things to decide before going into much else is how (or if) you’re going to combine your money. One big pot? 50/50 on bills? Based on income? Joint account for bills, individual accounts for fun money? There are pros and cons to all of them, so we’ll talk through what’s the most important to each of you and what might work best.

The primary goal of the newlywed sessions is to really set up that personalized family budget. A lot of people hear “budget” and assume that means no spending money on fun stuff. On the contrary, a good budget gives you the freedom to spend on the fun stuff you want to spend on without having to stress out about whether you can afford it or not. Vacation, hobbies, date night, Christmas presents…all the fun things belong in your budget just as much as rent/mortgage payments and student loan payments do. There are a zillion budgeting options out there, and as much as I have my personal biases, I know not every program is right for everyone, so we’ll figure out what works for you. All the details? Automate everything? Somewhere in between? Regardless, we’ll discuss and figure it out.


Initial meeting: Free
Our intial meeting is free and lasts 15-30 minutes. We’ll chat about what you’re looking for, what I provide, and if we’d be a good fit.

Premarital Sessions: $400
Three 60-90 minute sessions designed to happen before you get married.
We’ll talk through the foundational money pieces, set some fun goals, and build that base so your future relationship will be as strong as possible. 

The Total Package: $750
Three premarital sessions plus three newlywed sessions.
At the end of our third premarital session, we’ll set our first newlywed session for a few weeks after your wedding. Most engaged couples have more than enough to worry with wedding planning; you’re probably not going to want to drag your mentally and emotionally exhausted selves to yet another meeting as your wedding gets closer! Once The Day goes off without a hitch (fingers crossed!) and you perhaps return from a romantic honeymoon, we’ll dig into the practical of how to apply everything we talked about before into a real, personalized household budget that will actually work for you both long-term.

But...we're so busy!!!

I totally feel you. Life in general is busy with work, family, friends, and hobbies…and you’re probably trying to plan a wedding in the midst of all that! That’s why we only have a few sessions together before your wedding! I do my sessions all remotely, so none of us have to worry about commute time. I’m also super chill, so if you’re totally wiped after a long day and you’re wearing your comfiest sweats and drinking a glass of wine…no judgement here. Sometimes adding one more temporary thing to our schedules pays off in the long run.

As a member of the Financial Coaches Network, I have access to a proprietary Knowledgebase of advanced personal finance topics designed to help financial coaches better serve their clients.

The Knowledgebase was developed by Joshua Escalante Troesh, CFP; a Tenured Professor of Business and Personal Finance who has written personal finance curriculum adopted by multiple community colleges and approved by the Cal State University system’s Chancellors Office for meeting General Education requirements for all Cal State Universities.